Video Services

Cyber Security



With the rampant hacking that is par for the course in the 21st century and the putative horror stories of leaks and data destruction, it s our aim to help you secure and protect your media data from malicious threats.

Systems Design & Integration



  • Digital Broadcast was founded in 1998 to provide  a broad range of design, engineering and integration services for all major production, postproduction, broadcast television, cable, information technology and telecommunications facilities, in Southern California and throughout the United States.
  •  In all we served 31,000+, Clients including all leading private, public production, postproduction, cable, broadcast and telecommunications  companies, and thousands more throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. and governmental institutions such as the Los Angeles Police Department.   the City of Sacramento,  CA, the City of Santa Ana, CA, the City of Los Angeles, CA.
  •  In June 2002, Digital Broadcast was certified as a Federal Government Contractor where it served clients such as the United States Army in Fort Sam Houston. Texas.

Video Streaming Services


Digital Broadcast provides high quality streaming services through our telecom partners with unparalleled speed and bandwidth